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1 Hour Response Time… Certified & Experienced… Advanced Equipment…

From small damages to major disasters, ProRestore  is there when you need us most.  Our experts provide emergency services and repairs to commercial and residential properties that have been damaged by water, flood, fire, smoke, storm or wind.

Our Disaster Recovery Team has the training, knowledge, experience and resources to ensure a speedy recovery.


Water & Flood Damage

Water & Flooding can cause severe damage to your propert
y. Water damage needs to be addressed immediately. We are there when you need us most. Call Now! Let Us Help You Recover.


Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire & Smoke can cause severe damage to your property. Heat and smoke from fire can cause a lot of hidden damages that require the highest level of detail cleaning and odor removal.  Call Now! Let Us Help You Recover. 


Storm & Wind Damage

Storms can cause major damage to your property and damage is not always apparent. It is important to have your property inspected after any kind of storm.  Call Now! Let Us Help You Inspect and Repair.


Environmental Remediation

Environmental issues from Mold, Lead Paint and or Asbestos that needs removal. Call Now! Let Us Help You With the Removal. 


Construction & Maintenance

Repairing properties that have damage from water, fire or storm require special skill-sets and experience. Call Now! Let Us Help You Rebuild. 


Consulting & Disaster Planning

Property damage that require expert inspections and advice.  Call Now! Let Our Experts Show You The Solutions.  



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