Melvindale, MI, in the early hours of July, 2nd a driver crashed through a fence into a natural gas line causing an explosion that rocked the neighborhood with plumes of smoke, igniting buildings and causing an evacuation of the surrounding streets. Crews raced to shut off the main gas line and extinguish the flames. The driver, condition unknown is believed to have been under the influence. Several buildings have been destroyed inside the DTE training facility. A local witness spoke with the news ” It was just a big boom, it sounded like a locomotive for 20 minutes”  Flames could been seen at 4:30 a.m from up to a mile away as spectators flocked to social media to share videos of the scene.

As bad as the initial fire damage is there will be many times more damage to local homes and businesses from the smoke . Secondary damages from the Melvindale gas line explosion will be common in local homes and businesses. Locals will suffer far more from the smoke damage that was pouring out from this massive gas line explosion in Melvindale. There is a definite health risk to those with homes or businesses in the area of the Melvindale gas line explosion if they do not properly mitigate the smoke damage to their property. The health concerns are more severe to those with respiratory issues, the elderly, and the very young. The first thing property owners need to do is to contract professional restoration services such as ProRestore who are equipped to handle this type of smoke damage.  One reason not to wait is in most situations ProRestore is able to bill the insurance company directly, avoiding any large out of pocket costs to the property owner, in addition to that, Prorestore has all of the most modern equipment and training in the fire, and smoke damage restoration industry,and are available 24-7 to respond to any size disaster.

Once the evacuation has been lifted from the Melvindale gas explosion residential and business owners will  have to assess the extent of fire and smoke damage not only to their property but to themselves especially if they were in the vicinity of the explosion. Inhalation of smoke can cause symptoms like headaches,dizziness and coughing as well as long-term damage. Luckily Dearborn fire , along with mutual aid responders from Allen Park,Detroit,Downriver emergency response team (Haz-Mat), as well as other communities arrived on scene and bravely went into action to ensure the safety of the community that has been effected by the Melvindale gas explosion and that no other injuries are reported..

FB_IMG_1467463604587Taken by local resident and employee of Prorestore. Melvindale gas explosion on July 2nd, at approximately 3 a.m


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