Exterior of Building

Ecorse Apartment Building

Interior Basement Ecorse Apartments Fire Damage




On January 2 a 24-unit apartment building was affected by a fire.  Luckily there were no injuries, but unfortunately the building suffered major damage to 12 units. They called ProRestore and we responded immediately to begin the restoration in Ecorse, Michigan.

Our team responded within one hour of the fire, secured the building, and began installing temporary electrical power so that we could stabilize the building. and allow the tenants to begin removing whatever salvageable belongings remained.

ProRestore worked 40 straight hours, around-the-clock on this project until it was done right. That’s just the way we are and what our customers expect from us. The first 72 hours is the most crucial in mitigating the damages and avoiding secondary damage such as black mold and other complications from fire and water damage.

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