Westland, MI Strip Mall - Interior of Building

Westland Strip Mall – Water Damage

Westland Strip Mall - Water Damage

Westland Strip Mall – Water Damage







There was a major loss due to water and flood damage at a very busy strip mall in Westland, MI. This affected three store fronts, backroom and office areas, but luckily they called the pros at 1-800-RESTORE. We responded within the hour and worked three shifts non-stop for 3 days to stabilize the damage. We brought on our plumbers, electricians for temp power, we brought our heat trailers, our extraction trucks, and everything in-between. Most importantly we brought our men and women that make it all happen. Their dedication and knowledge are what allows us to help people when they are at their worst. Our efforts helped two businesses stay open without any closer, and the third open within 3 business days. ProRestore is the #1 independent property restoration company in Michigan. Not because we say so, but because we do whatever is necessary to mitigate our customers loss.

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