ProRestore Consulting & Disaster Planning

At ProRestore we offer consulting service called C.O.R.E to business and home owners who need assistance throughout the claims process. Our team is highly specialized and compiled of industry professionals that have experience in all types of losses. Even before a disaster the professionals at ProRestore will assess your home or business and provide an action plan at no initial cost for you. Based on information gathered throughout the meeting, we can determine if you are insured properly for any catastrophe and provide insight on what actions to take immediately following an any type of issue.

The sooner you get ProRestore involved with your claim, the faster they can create solutions that work.

Mark ErvinePresident | Schwartz Property Management

Consulting & Disaster Planning Will Reduce the Time and Cost of you’re Recovery.

Major disasters, such as earthquakes and large-scale power outages, are not common. Smaller disasters, such as power failures, burst pipes and fires happen every day.  Most companies aren’t prepared for a major disaster and truly neglect the everyday challenges, these can be just as crippling. We offer 24-hour emergency Consulting & Disaster Planning Services.

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    Our C.O.R.E consulting and disaster planning services include…

    Pre-loss Risk Assessment

    Our team can help you determine your potential cost exposure, and if you are carrying the right amount of insurance.

    Business Continuity Planning

    We ensure your business will have an action plan in place to follow in the event of a catastrophic event so you will be able to RECOVER quickly without a tremendous negative effect on your business.

    Scope and Cost Evaluation

    The professionals at ProRestore will evaluate the damages and loss at your home or business and produce to you a detailed estimate identifying the scope and cost to recover.ted for and abatement performed as necessary per building codes and state mandates.

    Water Leak Inspection

    With our advanced technology we can track and eliminate all water leaks and trace abnormal usage issues.

    70% of business affected by disasters never re-open.

    Common Damages We’re Consulting On

    Flood & Water | Fire & Smoke

    Storm & Wind | Hurricane 

    Power Outage | Earthquake

    Environmental | Collapse

    Vandalism | Impact

    Our Consulting & Disaster Planning Services

    Pre-loss Risk Assessment

    Our team can help you determine your potential cost to recover and if you’re carrying the right amount of insurance.


    Business Continuity Planning

    We ensure your continuity plan will be comprehensive enough for your business to recover quickly and economically. 


    Scope & Cost Evaluation

    We will assess the damages and loss, then produce a detailed estimate that identifies the scope and cost to recover.


    Dispute Resolution

    When you cannot agree. Our Experience and Reputation afford us the ability to deliver a fair and objective outcome.


    Project Auditing

    Our team can audit  any loss during or post project and report back daily progress and cost analysis. 


    Water Leak Inspection

    With our advanced technology, we can quickly and  accurately find any leak and  determine all abnormal moisture issues.