24 Hour Emergency Water Removal & Drying

ProRestore specializes in Emergency Water Removal & Drying, we are ready to respond 24 hours a day. We guarantee 1 hour or less arrival.  When you have water damage in your home or business it is crucial to have the water extracted and drying equipment set up. Regardless if its small amount of damages or a major disaster the sooner you call ProRestore the sooner we can help you recover.

If you have water damage and need emergency water damage restoration service, contact us now for water removal & drying Call Now!! let Us Help You!!


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    Why Choose ProRestore?

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    Most Common Causes of Water Damage

    Frozen Water Supply Lines

    Leaking Plumbing Fixtures

    Appliance Failures

    Sump Pump Back Up

    Blocked Drain

    Collapsed Drain

    Roof Leak

    Foundation Leak

    Wind Driven Rain

    Our Emergency Water Removal Services

    Emergency Water Removal & Drying

    Emergency Water Removal & Drying is the first step in stoping the damages. Once we have the water out we can inspect your property thoroughly and identify what has been affected and what has not. This will allow us to focus our efforts on drying what is affected. Drying a property that has water damage can normally be completed in a few days. Once the drying is completed you can have peace of mind knowing you wont have any other issues. Call Us Now for Water damage restoration service.


    Emergency Sewage Cleanup

    Sewage can backup from floor drains when there is heavy rains. When sewage comes into your property it is very important to clean it up immediately. We will remove the sewage and water fast, then we will complete a detail cleaning and disinfecting of the affected area.  The bacteria found in sewage can cause health issues for anyone in contact with the affected area. We only use Benefect Anti-Microbial Solution to disinfect the affected surfaces. Call Us Now, if you have sewage damage.


     Emergency Water Damage Cleanup

    Water of any kind will cause damage that you can see and damage that is not readily visible. When you have water damage you need to call a professional even if the damages appear to be small. Water takes the path of least resistance, so it will find its way through building materials and floors where the water will eventually get trapped and start to create other issues like rot and bacteria growth.Call Us Now, if you have sewage damage.